Thursday, 18 July 2013

Simulation Based Projects (VHDL)

Simulation Based Projects (VHDL) -

  1. Design of Fast ALU using RBSD Technology.
  2. Design of Four Way Four Lane Traffic Light Controller.
  3. Design of Four Way Four Lane Advanced Traffic Light Controller with Sensors. (Intelligent Traffic Light Controllers).
  4. Tour Navigator Simulation System.
  5. Low Power LFSR Design for Testing of Digital IC's.
  6. Functional Prototype of 8 Bit Microcontroller.
  7. Metro Train Internal Prototype System.
  8. Digital Pass Filters (Low pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject) Auto-Triggered.
  9. Digital Clock Simulation Project.
  10. Serial Communication Using UART (Transmitter/ Receiver).
  11. HCSA Based Adder and Comparaision with CLA Adder.
  12. Comparision of Performance and Speed of Carry Select adder with CLA Adder.
  13. n-Bit Multiplier using Booth's Algorithm. (Radix -2).


Anonymous said...


kateresn said...

12 is sxd out

bharti sharma said...

Sir,im final year student. I want to make a vhdl based major projects in which i need a guidance of a helpful person. Pls share and make me 2learn from you coz knowledge spread when we share it. I will eagerly wait for you reply with yes or no.. But pls let me know.
Coz i dont wana go in radio market for project making i wana make it own.
Thank you

seema raut said...

i m trying to make project on 4 lane traffic ligt controllr bt unable to find any code... plzzz i eagerly need it n would b heartly thankful if you help me and guide me with it.....

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