Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Computer Chips are EveryWhere (Application of Electronics CHIPS).

Electronics Chips are Every Where -

Computer Chips are every where (Applications of IC)  (Learn VHDL with Naresh Singh Dobal)

        Yes, This is right Computer chips are absolutely every where and in every field, even that places you dont't imagine, so they are in your computers and cellular phones, in your tablets, they are in your gaming systems  like xbox, play stations, they are in i-pods, DVD Players, TV's, watches, They are in automobile like cars, bikes, etc pacemakers, satellites, electronic greeting cards like when you open that some type of sound play from it, So you can say that electronics chips are every where - In communication, medical, Industrial automation, PLC devices, controlling instruments, Electronic gadgets, daily use appliances, in traffic lights etc.


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